How a coin is minted

From the idea to a unique custom made coin

A challenge coin should be unique and not follow any standard design rules. It has to inherit the spirit and values of the company, brand or people. Therefore our design team uses only high quality materials, vibrant colours and best finishes. From first design to your finished coin normally takes between 14 and 30 days.

Step 1 – Think about your coin design

What do you want to achieve? What is the reason why you need a coin? Give us all your ideas and thoughts. Our sales team will help you match your ideas to your unique coin using different materials, sizes, finishes and packaging. There is no standard we use. Any of your ideas can be embossed into a coin.

Step 2 – Free artwork and design from our professional designers

We are in this industry for almost 20 years. We have made thousand of different coin designs. Our designers are professionals and they will create a design that will astonish you. The desigb is always free at CoinsForAnything. And based on the final design we will send you the corresponding quote.

Custom minted Gold coin
Custom coins embossing process image

Step 3 – Proof and technical production graphic

Prices are set. Design is great. You only need to send us your approval so we can start with the production / embossing process. Once the layout of the coin is approved, our technicians convert it into a 3D technical design, we call it the “production graphic”. To be on the safe side – you will also get the design for approval.

Step 4 – Coin production

The production graphic is used to cut the mold. A mold is the negative version of your coin. The design is cut into hard steel so these mold can be used to mint the coin with a maximum pressure of 500tons. Our modern minting company is 100% owned by us and therefore we can always keep up to highest minting standards and finishes.

Step 5 – Quality inspection

The last step of our production is of course the quality inspection. Each small coin detail is checked and only send out to our clients when we are happy with the results: your unique custom-made superior quality coins.

Step 6 – The way to you

We ship the coins wherever you are. We have send coins to almost any country worldwide. Our logistics department will always choose a fast, safe and cost effective way. And of course we take care of any customs processes. You can be sure, we do anything we can to get your unique coins as fast as possible to you.

Custom coin packaging image

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