Custom Coins made
from Pure 24K Gold
& .999 Fine Silver

Looking for the perfect custom commemorative piece? Silver or Gold coins embossed with your own design are the best solution to represent timeless value and elegance. They are a unique personalised gift, suitable for many occasions including Corporate Awards, Luxury Brand Representation, Military Challenge Coins or Anniversaries and Events of any kind.  We produce your individual coins using 24K Gold, 999 Fine Silver, 18K Rose Gold, Palladium or Platinum. 

Limitless production capacity starting from just 1 coin, we do not impose a minimum order.

Are you looking to mint Custom Gold Coins or Custom Silver Coins?

custom coins minting

We are Your Coin Minting Experts

If you are looking for high-end quality coins with a perfect finish we have the solution for you.
With more than two decades of experience in the coin minting industry, we can offer custom coins made from precious metals, using the highest embossing qualityand a premium “polished plate” finish.
Manufacturing custom 24K Gold coins and custom .999 Silver coins is our core business.

Custom Coins Made from Precious Metals: Exclusive, High-Quality Materials

It is no secret that Fine Gold and Silver have been the foundations of wealth since the dawn of civilization. Today this statement could not be more true.
Using the highest purity, your logo, design or concept can be used to commemorate your most prestigious milestones and express gratitude of great significance. These precious metals are unmatched in their status, quality, and desire, especially when embossed with your own design.
If you prefer us to mint your personal coins from palladium, platinum, or rose gold, we can also do this for you.

Custom pure silver and gold coins
Customised silver and gold coins

Premium Finishes for your Custom Gold and Silver Coins: Only the Best Quality for Your Special Occasion

Our polished plate mirror-like finish turns your custom 24K Gold coins and custom .999 fine Silver coins into unmatched objects of recognition for appreciated employees, business partners or family members. Through their inherent value, custom minted Commemorative coins help to increase loyalty towards your organisation.
They are handcrafted through a traditional die-striking method. Recessed areas of your own coin design can be sandblasted, enamel coloured, matte, or antique for a beautiful finish that matches your ideas.
Our in-house coin designers and expert coin manufacturing team will turn your custom coin project into a real, valuable success.
Personalise both, obverse and reverse side: The custom design on your Gold and Silver coins can represent your logo, core values and mission.

customised gold coins
custom 24 Gold coins
custom .999 fine silver coins
custom pure gold coins
custom 24K Gold coins
custom .999 fine silver coins
custom gold coins
custom silver coins
custom 24 Gold coins

Watch our video about our favorite projects of custom-made 24K gold coins


  • designing your pure silver coin
  • designing your silver coin
  • designing .999 fine silver coin

1. Design your coin

Using your unique custom design, our coin designers will transform your concept into a digital graphic. After your approval, this is transferred into a digital 3D model which, in turn, is used to produce the coin minting die. This is done with precision to ensure that every fine detail, lettering, lines or illustration can be actualised with the utmost accuracy on your finished product. Our cutter tools are able to reduce dies down to a tenth of a millimeter.
Since dies only withstand the heavy production processes for a limited time, several of these are made to guarantee that all coins meet our rigorous quality standards.

  • melting gold to make individual coins
  • melting silver to make individual coins
  • melting gold and silver to make individual coins

2. Melting Gold and Silver to make individual coin blanks

Once your design is approved and your custom coin molds are produced, the actual coin production begins.
Highest quality industrial 24K gold and .999 fine silver bars are turned to their liquid state in our melting furnace.
The melting point of pure gold is 1,064°C. Depending on the desired alloy for your coin project, other metals such as copper are added to the precious metal at this stage.
In the next step, the liquid alloy is converted back into a solid form. The Gold or Silver is pressed out of the furnace over various rollers with an impact of up to 200 tonnes while it is cooling down. The outcome are long strips or plates of the desired thickness, just slightly wider than your coins' diameter. After smoothing all edges, the rounds or coin blanks are stamped out of these pure gold or silver strips. After cleaning and washing, the custom coin blanks are ready to get stamped with your custom design.
The metal remnants return to the furnace and will be processed into new custom coin blanks.

  • custom embossing of your gold and silver coins
  • custom embossing of your silver coins
  • custom embossing of your gold coins

3. Custom embossing of your coin

An individual and impeccably cut coin die is required for either side of your coins, the obverse and reverse. Once again, accuracy has priority over speed in this manufacturing step.
Therefore, the blanks are inserted into the minting machine manually, each single one checked individually. Any round that does not meet our standards goes back to the furnace, to be melted and cut again.
With a pressure of about 100 tons, the custom designs are mechanically embossed into the pure gold and fine silver rounds. Once again, every single minted coin is carefully checked, to guarantee that only flawless custom coins are sent out to our customers.
Due to the high pressure, custom coin dies have to be replaced at regular intervals in order to achieve irreproachable results consistently.

  • finishing of your gold and silver coins
  • packaging of your gold and silver coins
  • packaging of your gold coins

4. Finishing and packaging

According to individual wishes, the freshly minted coins can be further processed. Coin edges can either remain smooth or manually be adjusted to a certain angle. Moreover, the pure precious metal coins can be hallmarked or finalised with special laser engravings, such as consecutive serial numbers or name inscriptions, to only name the most popular examples.
Once the entire minting process is completed, the finished precious metal custom coins are safely packed up in high-quality coin capsules to protect their surface.
In addition, these acrylic cups can be placed in elegant coin boxes or floating frames to decoratively display the pure gold and silver custom coins with your individual design.

Watch our Video how a 24k Gold coin is minted in our Own production facility

Design your individual coin

Online coin configurator

Upload your existing designs to our Coin Configurator or let our tool provide you with some inspiration.

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Small Quantity Coin Orders Starting from 1 piece

quantity of custom pure silver coins

Are you looking for one or very few coins? Would you like to have them delivered in the shortest possible time?
No problem! 

We are happy to produce high-quality, individual coins for you. Available with engraving, photo print or high-end embossing in both precious and standard metals. We do not impose a minimum order on either of these three production options.
They can be made from pure gold or fine silver, or from another metal core with gold or silver plating.

See All Custom Coin Options

Beautiful packaging & stands for your coins

If you want to put your coins into the right light, we have many different packaging options for you. Many of our packaging solutions are customizable and can be enhanced with your own logo or individual text.

Coin Display for Custom Coins

Velvet box for custom coins with individual logo print

Acrylic case for custom coins

Velvet pouch for custom coins with individual logo print

Custom coin display

Acrilyc coin stand for custom coins

XXL Floating frame to display several custom coins at once

Wooden box for custom coins

Blue Velvet Box for custom coins

Metallic stands for custom coins

Blue Velvet Pouch for Custom Coins

Wooden custom coin box

Acrylic block to display custom coins

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