Custom Minting of 24K Gold
and .999 Silver Bars

From your vision to reality. Our private mint is also your partner to produce your personal motive in rectangular masterpieces. We use pure .999 Silver or Gold to create long lasting and precious products with your own design.
Gold and Silver bars can be used as a personal present or to celebrate the highest achievements of customers, partners and friends.
Your custom-made gold and silver bar project can start already from just 1 piece with the weight of your choice. We do not have a minimum order quantity.

Are you looking for high-end customised gold or silver bullions?

Custom Gold bars, Custom Silver bullions

It does not always have to be round.
We produce your ideas to any shapes

We have been in the metal industry for 20 years. We are supplying our products to customers worldwide using our offices in the UK, Germany, the US and Asia. And Customised gold bars or silver bullions have always been part of our history. Gold and Silver hold their value and even increase over time.
So if you want to produce your own customised bar with your logo embossed, printed or a special advertising message engraved, we are happy to assist. The reason for your own bullion might be a company anniversary or any other special event. On request we can produce your personal gift bar starting from 10 pieces. You are free to choose your preferred size and weight.

Silver Bullions and Gold Bars – Made for You

We will only use 999 pure gold or 999 pure silver. We are happy to issue certificates of authenticity to prove the precious metals' origin. Simply let us know if you wish to order certificates with your custom bullions. The silver and gold bars can be produced in any kind of shape (rectangular, squared) at the minimum of 10 pieces.
You can define the weight of the bar, starting at 1g.
The gold and silver bars are individually minted with our 200 ton machine. And there are no limits to the design.
Get in contact with us to start your own bullion project.

Personalised 24K Gold bars
Custom-minted Gold bars, engraving of Gold bars
You only need 1 single Gold Bar?

For small and urgent projects, we can engrave a standard gold or silver bullion with the individual design.
We will buy a known silver or gold bullion (for example Degussa / Heraeus) and engrave your text, logo or picture with our dotting technique.
The engraving can be a text or a logo or a picture.

Gold bar image
Silver bar image
customised gold coins
Gold bar image
Customised bullions from 24K Gold or .999 Silver, embossed or engraved

We create your Gold Silver bar graphic for free.
Just send us your ideas and images/coats of arms/logos.



Present your coins appropriately. Find the right solution here to display your coins appropriately.
Many of our packaging can even be refined with your logo or an individual text.

Velvet Coin Boxes

Custom Silver bars

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