Custom Coins starting
from 1pc only

If you need a small batch of custom coins, we can help. Our in-house production facility and various manufacturing methods allow us to create coins starting from just one piece. We can use engraving or photo printing techniques on standard coins, which not only reduces production time to 5-8 days, but is also a cost-effective way to produce beautiful coins for commemorations and gifts. Alternatively, we offer high-quality bullion embossing of coins with 300 tons for customers seeking to purchase precious gifts made of pure 24k gold or 999 silver.

Are you looking to get a Custom Coin?

Single minted coins Image

Single minted coins in highest quality

  • Coin production in highest perfection
  • Bullion coin quality
  • Individual mold carving and production
  • Any size, finish and material available
  • Choose 24k Gold, 999 Silver or bronze coins with silver and gold plating
  • Any size available: 5mm to 160mm
  • Production time: 4 – 6 weeks
PRICE: $ 800 – 2500

Custom made coins with engraving technique

  • You can choose different base coins
  • High quality coins made from 999 silver
  • You can also choose a silver coin with 24k gold plating
  • High-end Bullion coin finish / collector`s coin finish
  • We offer different coin sizes: 28mm and 36mm
  • Your design is engraved with a diamond to the coin
  • Production time: 1-2 weeks
Custom made coins Image
Photo printed colourful custom coins Image

Photo printed colourful custom coins

  • We use high quality coins made from pure brass
  • You can choose polished gold or silver plated finish
  • You can also choose a bronze antique version
  • We offer two sizes: 40mm and 80mm
  • Your design is printed to the coin and covered with acrylic lacquer for a perfect finish
  • Production time: 1-2 weeks
Custom 24K Gold Coin
Customised Gold Coin
Custom Pure Gold Coin
Customised Pure Silver Coin
Customised Gold Coin
Customised Gold Coin
Customised Gold Coin
Design your coin

Online coin configurator

Upload your existing designs to our Coin Configurator or let our tool provide you with some inspiration.

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1 piece design coin image

We create your coin graphic for free.
Just send us your ideas and images/coats of arms/logos.

See All Custom Coin Options

Coin packaging & stands

Present your coins appropriately. Find the right solution here to display your coins appropriately.
Many of our packaging can even be refined with your logo or an individual text.

Coin Display for Custom Coins

Velvet box for custom coins with individual logo print

Acrylic case for custom coins

Velvet pouch for custom coins with individual logo print

Custom coin display

Acrilyc coin stand for custom coins

XXL Floating frame to display several custom coins at once

Wooden box for custom coins

Blue Velvet Box for custom coins

Metallic stands for custom coins

Blue Velvet Pouch for Custom Coins

Wooden custom coin box

Acrylic block to display custom coins

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