Your Premium Single Custom Coin

Your Premium Single Custom Coin
Your Premium Single Custom CoinDo you need a single custom coin? We’re ready to mint, print, or engrave it! CoinsForAnything specialises in stamping custom coins with no minimum order, in any size and shape.

A single custom coin. This could be the sophisticated wedding, birth, birthday, or baptism present you are looking for! Make yourself or your loved ones a gift that will be treasured in your family for many generations to come. Bespoke coins made by the craftspeople of CoinsForAnything are always pieces of art. Interested? Contact us now and become the owner of a single custom coin of the highest quality.

What is the Best Reason to Order a Single Custom Coin?

The beauty of bespoke coins is that they can have absolutely any design, size, and shape. It is possible to make them from precious metals or non-precious metals, print a photo or picture on them, give the coin edges an unusual pattern, etc. Also, there’s the possibility to order a small number of individual coins or even a single custom coin. These countless options make our custom coins with no minimum order so desirable to purchase.

So, what kind of events might a person want to buy a single custom coin for? Honestly, there are quite a number of these:

  • Wedding;
  • Anniversary;
  • Arrival of a child;
  • Birthday;
  • Christening;
  • Mother’s Day;
  • Father’s Day;
  • Any other significant private event.

Our artisans, with many years of experience, will be honoured to manufacture your single custom coins for any of the above-mentioned occasions. Yes, we don’t have a minimum order and we’re absolutely ready to craft that unique piece for you.

Your Options When Getting a Single Custom Coin Made

As we mentioned above, your personalised coins can have a completely customised look, including their size, shape, plating and finish. However, let’s dive deeper into the most popular production types of custom coins our clients prefer to order. This will make it easier for you to decide what kind of individual coins you would like to receive.

You can choose between a premium embossed (precious) metal coin, an engraved coin, a high-end embossed coin, or a photo-printed coin, made from standard coin rounds.

Personalised Precious Metal Coins

Coins made of precious metals are some of the most common medals ordered in small quantities. This is due both to their high inherent value and the fact that such bespoke coins are, of course, more exclusive than their printed or engraved equivalent. They come at collector’s quality.

With CoinsForAnything, you’re welcome to choose from the following precious metals to make your single custom coin:

24K Pure Gold/ Rose Gold/ .999 Fine Silver/ Platinum/ Palladium and more.

Also, we can use these noble metals to make various metal alloys to produce your custom coins with no minimum order. It is as well possible to mint personalised coins from ordinary metals like Bronze, Copper or Zinc and, if desired, add precious metal plating before putting your own design onto them.

Although both gold and silver have long been revered and considered perfect presents, it is not enough for custom commemorative coins to be made of precious metals. They should depict something very close to the recipient, something that will touch them.

We can apply the design and inscriptions you wish by using:

  • Laser- or dot engraving;
  • Collector’s Quality Embossing (2D or 3D).

Custom Engraved Coins

Coins with featured high-precision engraving have great charm. They are sure to delight their recipient. We offer two top-class engraving options for your single custom coin: laser- and dot engraving. Our specialists perform it on state-of-the-art in-house equipment and make sure it looks flawless. Since our experts simply guide the laser or diamond-head to engrave your individual design on a coin, we do not need to prepare custom tools for your single coin. This is why coin engraving is comparably quick and recommended when your special due date is already around the corner.

We are happy to engrave single coins made from non-precious metals, too.

High-End Embossed Single Custom Coin

If you want the design of your precious metal coins to be lifelike, we’re happy to offer you our collector’s quality embossing service.

When we emboss, we mainly work on two levels. Yet, your design will appear voluminous thanks to our premium polished plate finish with different aspects of matte and polished elements. However, if you want your single custom coin to have a truly remarkable 3D look, die-casting is your go-to option. It will reveal your design idea to its fullest potential and will visually give the custom coin weight and even more significance.

High-quality embossing with 300 tons of pressure is possible on both; precious metal and non-precious metal coins.

Individual Photo-Printed Coins with No Minimum Order

Custom printed bespoke coins make a great memento that is sure to be close to the heart of the recipient. After all, what could be more sentimental than a photo of a young child, a beloved mother or father, or a happy bride and groom on their wedding day?
Certainly, any of your favourite photographs would look great on a single custom coin.

We are eager to offer colourful photo prints, protected by a dome made of special coin lacquer. Order a single custom coin with an artistic photo print and make your private celebration even more special.

Choose a Suitable Size for Your Single Custom Coin

In addition to what metal to make the single custom coin from and how to apply the desired design, there is another important thing to keep in mind. It is the size of your unique coin. Yes, it is a significant nuance that, among other things, affects the presentation of the design.

We understand the variety of coin dimensions a customer might require. So, we offer the opportunity to craft custom coins with no minimum order in dimensions ranging from 10 mm to whopping 250 mm. For comparison, imagine that 10mm equals the size of an average shirt button and 250 mm is the size of a small pizza or cake.

A handy tool on our website will give you an idea of exactly how you would like your single custom coin to look. Use the Coin Configurator now.

Packaging for Custom Coins with No Minimum Order

The event for which you order a single custom coin is extremely important. That’s why it’s worth thinking ahead about the coin packaging. You can find fantastic packaging options on our website. All you have to do is choose the one you like best.

Special Coins for Special Events

In addition to the types of coins described above, it is, of course, possible to order any other custom coins with no minimum order. Also, you may add interesting design elements such as coloured enamelling, intricate coin borders, or an exquisite polished metal plate finish, for example.

Our team is ready for any challenge. In our opinion, the more complex the project, the more interesting it is to work on it. Contact us now for our specialists to start working on your single custom coin already today!

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.