What are Custom Challenge Coins?

What are Custom Challenge Coins?
Skilled challenge coin maker, CoinsForAnything, mints custom challenge coins from high-quality materials for those who have proven their courage and willpower.

One of the most common methods of honouring those who serve the military with distinction is presenting them with custom challenge coins. Members of the armed forces dedicate their lives to the service and protection of civilians. Individuals performing such an important and difficult mission are worthy of the best awards — custom challenge coins. They carry great value for the military because custom challenge coins pay homage to their heroism and endurance, testifying to the ordeal to which they endured. Also, custom challenge coins are given to highlight the significance of the affiliation with a particular armed forces unit.

CoinsForAnything is a certified challenge coin maker with great expertise. We offer a wide range of materials for your custom challenge coins’ production. Our qualified team of coin designers has an individual approach to each of our projects.

The Origin and Popularity of Custom Challenge Coins

There are different versions of how the first custom challenge coins were produced. What is certain is that it was not a professional challenge coin maker who first did it. Supposedly, during World War I an officer had bronze coins stamped for all members of his squadron. The story tells that these custom challenge coins served as a salutary insignia when one of the squadron members was hit behind enemy borders. The emblems minted on the medals helped him cross into friendly territory.

Still today, custom challenge coins are minted to mark the camaraderie and pride of belonging to the armed forces. Beyond that, the myth claims the coin literally saved a man’s life which makes the habit of carrying a unit coin ever more meaning full. Continuing this illustrious tradition, as a challenge coin maker we now mint custom challenge coins in a variety of materials, including gold and silver. These are often awarded not only to members of the army, navy, or marines but also to police officers and firefighters for their valour and loyalty to duty. Commemorative custom challenge coins are considered exceptional recognition with immeasurable value.

Peculiarities of the Custom Coins for Armed Forces Design

When a challenge coin maker goes through the process of custom-designing challenge coins, there is no limit to one’s imagination. A wide variety of shapes and sizes is available. And we are always happy to mint a sample coin to test the resilience of a very specific layout. Besides looking great, the main purpose of custom challenge coins is to pay tribute to distinguished officers and indicate their daily business. Thus, to really have value to the military, they must contain the following elements:

  • A military service unit emblem;
  • A unit motto;
  • A name or number of the specific squadron or unit.

In CoinsForAnything’s mint, we use only the finest materials to produce custom challenge coins. Quite often the challenge coin maker uses 24K Gold, .999 Silver, bronze or brass as the base metal in which the design is minted. These precious materials help give the custom challenge coins not only symbolic value through their design, but also material value.

Custom Challenge Coins with special maritime border and enamel details embossed for the Naval Training Centre

Custom Challenge Coins from CoinsForAnything

We are an authorised challenge coin maker. CoinsForAnything has talented coin designers who work hard to make sure all custom challenge coins have an unsurpassed look and touch. We pride ourselves on being able to provide top quality minting of custom challenge coins of different complexity.

The Naval Training Centre Custom Challenge Coins

We were honoured to produce custom challenge coins for specialists who attended a Naval training centre in Europe. The coin designers tried to fill the appearance of the custom challenge coins with the nautical symbolism of this facility. The border of the custom challenge coins was designed very creatively — the Bronze coin is literally wrapped in a maritime rope. This exquisite look creates direct reference to the Navy. The dark blue and white enamel colours embellished the emblem and motto of the training centre.

If you would like to have custom challenge coins made for unit, in high-quality materials with a personalised design, contact us. As an experienced challenge coin maker, CoinsForAnything is ready to help you! Hurry up and use our Coin Configurator to sketch the first version of your custom challenge coins, and our team will refine it for you.

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.