Minting Commemorative Coins in Honor of Important Personalities

Commemorative Coins in Honor of Important Personalities

Get Yourself a Keepsake of Whomever You Get Inspiration From

Pay tribute to the most eminent people of our time with commemorative coins minted by CoinsForAnything. Only the best metals are embossed with your design.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was the outstanding figure known and respected even in the most remote corners of the world. Are you interested in embossing commemorative coins in her memory to share them with your fellow admirers?

Many want to celebrate Elizabeth II’s remarkable life and reign with a set of customised commemorative coins in her honour. At CoinsForAnything, we are convinced that your personal design embossed on a coin will always have higher emotional value than any standard coin other mints might produce. No matter if your memorial coin run is about Her Majesty the Queen, or any other celebrity, we are eager to mint the design you have in mind.

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On September 8, 2022, the glorious monarch of Great Britain’s life ended, after she reigned the state for over 70 years. During her reign, Queen Elizabeth II faithfully performed her royal duties and steadfastly followed the path of goodness, high moral principles, and dignity. Honouring the longest-serving monarch, or any other person of public interest, the team at CoinsForAnything is ready to manufacture beautiful coins made of precious metals, embossed with your custom design, featuring an image or famous quote of the celebrity on your memorial coin.

Disclaimer: Please mind that we can only mint images, quotes and symbols you have obtained the rights for.

Manufacturing Your Celebrity Commemorative Coins Includes:

  1. Cooperation with our coin designers to ensure we’ll achieve the best possible minting result with your design;
  2. Countless options of coin refinement;
  3. Regular sovereign coin measures or an adjusted weight and size to fit your custom coin project perfectly;
  4. Commemorative coin production starting at one piece only, in our own certified facility.

1. Celebrity Coins with a Custom Design

Whenever we start working on a new commemorative coins project, our coinage team strongly supports the policy of full customisation of our products. At your discretion, our graphic specialists will bring your vision of your own commemorative coins to perfection. Such as, later, our coinage experts are able to manufacture them in the metal of your choice.

If the idea of making commemorative coins is wandering up and down your mind, but you do not have a concrete design idea yet, we’re happy to give you the necessary guidance.

2. Be Creative and Make Your Commemorative Coins Stand Out

CoinsForAnything embodies full customisation when it comes to coinage. We do not recognize the word “standard.” Instead, in our vocabulary, words like “creative”, “unusual”, “one-of-a-kind” and “stunning” are predominant. That is how we make all our medals, and coins in memory of Queen Elizabeth II are no exception.

When fully customized, our commemorative coins get a personal touch. These keepsakes help remembering, e.g. Queen Elizabeth II’s life and reign. Per se, it is not allowed to emboss an image of the late Queen on medals. This applies to all members of the Royal family, as well as to many other persons of interest, unless the project owner holds a special license to use the picture for that specific purpose. Thus, when launching a commemorative coin project, we need to ensure all copyrights are respected.

Even though we cannot mint Queen Elizabeth’s portrait on your coins, we promise to arrange a design you’ll love for your custom coins to commemorate the longest-serving monarch of the United Kingdom or any other celebrity who’s conquered your heart.

Let us suggest embossing with our premium polished plate finish, sandblast the background or even highlight iconic details by using enamel colours.

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3. Decent Weight and Size for Your Celebrity Coins

Only you decide how big and heavy you want your coins to be. We can mint your custom celebrity coins in the regular Sovereign coin or Silver Dollar measures. Ideally, we would always suggest to work with 1 Troy Ounce of .999 Fine Silver or 24K Gold. Yet, in our facility, we can also make them in other sizes and weights that you require.

4. A Fully Customised Coin Run. Decide for Yourself How Many Memorial Coins You Need

Quantities are up to you! CoinsForAnything never limits customers on how many custom coins they need. We will gladly complete the project of even one single commemorative coin. Keep in mind that the creation of your individual coin dies is an art that takes time and expertise. The price per piece decreases when we mint a higher number of celebrity coins for you.

Contact our account managers today and they will help you find the fitting features for your commemorative coins.

Paying Tribute to a Celebrity AND Their Commemorative Coins

Medals to honour a celebrity must be worthy of the person to whom they are dedicated. To put your creation and our coinage work in the deserved light we invite you to have them packed up nicely. Choose the fitting option in our wide range of packaging solutions that will not only protect your custom commemorative coins but can also serve as their coin display.

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.