Custom Bronze Coins Are Unique Keepsakes

Custom Bronze Coins Are Unique Keepsakes
CoinsForAnything guarantees to irreproachably mint your custom bronze coins. Read on to make sure you’re in the right place if you need medals with your design.

When an important celebration, high-profile reception, or award ceremony is approaching, event planners have to provide decent, memorable presents for the occasion. As a coin minting service with many years of experience, we can report that our clients often order custom bronze coins in this case.

Why? Well, first of all, bronze has a unique charm. Furthermore, not only do custom bronze coins have a great look and exquisite touch, but they are also quite affordable. This only adds to the popularity of bronze as the go-to metal when wanting to have coins embossed with an individual design.

Discover the Variety of Custom Bronze Coins

Five quick facts about individual coins made of bronze:

  1. For all the above-named reasons, bronze ranges among the most popular metals for coinage;
  2. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin (approximately 80/20);
  3. Individualised pieces made of bronze present excellent resistance to mechanical damage;
  4. When worked on correctly, your custom bronze coins can look just like pure gold coins;
  5. Coins with a bronze core accept any finish as well as plating of basically all other metals. This allows you to give them a silver or antique look.

Let us take a closer look at bronze medals coming out of our mint!

Crucial Information about Custom Bronze Coins You’d Like to Know

What Is the Size of Customised Coins Made from Bronze?

Many minting services offer typical sizes of 35 mm to 50 mm for coinage. We, at CoinsForAnything, have gone further. Our team believes that all coin projects are unique and need “space” to bring them to life in a quality way. The use of our own furnace allows us to offer you a much wider range of dimensions for your future custom bronze coins. Instead of embossing pre-cut coin blanks, we simply make them ourselves to fit your project to the fullest.

Whether you need a bronze coin as small as a pearl bead (10mm) or as large as an entire dinner plate (250mm), we will gladly make your interesting idea come true. Contact us to find out the details.

Is It Possible to Place My Logo and Text on Bronze Medals?

Coin makers use bronze as the basic material for minting coins for a reason. As mentioned above, the metal is remarkably resistant to minor damage. It’s also quite malleable, which makes it possible to apply the most diverse designs to it, just as our customers demand. Therefore, the answer to the question is “YES”. We are happy to emboss your logo, emblem, company or recipient’s name, as well as any other customised design you require your custom bronze coins.

Can Custom Bronze Coins Be Embossed?

There are various ways to give the front and back sides of bronze coins exactly the look the customer wants. Embossing is certainly our favourite production method. It is precise, diverse, and replicable. Depending on your design ideas we will determine the needed elevations. Did you know that two levels are already enough to make your embossed bronze coins appear as a 3D sculpted product? Depending on the finish you wish to choose we can as well opt for authentic 3D die-casting. Either will look stunning. Take our word for it or go ahead and order your embossed bronze coins now.

What Plating Options Are Available for Custom Bronze Coins?

As mentioned before, bronze knows almost no limits. And each of them has its own aesthetic charge and mission. To ensure that you are not overwhelmed by the large selection of plating options and make the right decision, our coin designers are fully committed to guiding and helping you. This way, you can select the coin plating that will fully develop the creative idea of your project.

Simply explain us how you expect your coins to look like. Together, we will find the adapted solution, ranging from simple precious metal plating to complex dual-plating to have your coins shine in the preferred colours.

Adding Colour to Bronze Medals with Hard or Soft Enamel. Is it Possible?

The surface of the custom bronze coins is ideal for applying both hard and soft enamel colours to the recessed areas of the pattern. Choose soft enamel if you prefer a glossy, embracing effect that leaves contours of your design visible to the eye. You can opt for hard enamel when wanting a solid filling of the recessed areas as a coating seamless to the raised metal.

Custom NATO Challenge Coins. Custom Bronze Coins, Antique Finish with Hard Enamel Colour.

Is There a Minimum Quantity When Ordering Custom Bronze Coins?

At CoinsForAnything we strive to give our customers full freedom of choice over all details involved with their custom coin production. This also includes the size of your coin run. We are ready to stamp any number of custom bronze coins for you. Even if it is a single coin, we will take on the job and do it to the highest standard.

Place Your Custom Bronze Coins in Beautiful Packaging

Every coin needs worthy packaging that will keep it in its original state. Here, you can let your imagination run wild because we offer a wide selection of coin packaging solutions. They are designed to perfectly protect your coins from all kinds of dangers.

If you would like not only to keep your custom bronze coins safe but also use it as a quality coin display, we can provide you with a variety of options. For instance, our floating frames or acrylic blocks allow admiring the beauty and sophistication of your custom bronze coins without the slightest hindrance.

We can turn your bronze medals into works of art that will be stunning in their beauty and quality of execution. Contact us so we can start working on your project today!

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.