Use Personalised Trolley Coins to Promote Your Brand

Use Personalised Trolley Coins to Promote Your Brand
Choose personalised trolley coins to put your business on the map or increase its popularity. Place your logo on promotional metal trolley coin.

Each of us knows what trolley coins look like. They are small tokens, usually made of die-cast plastic. In addition to their primary function of facilitating shopping by granting access to a trolley cart, they are also an excellent marketing tool. Qualitatively promote your brand by conveniently spreading the word about your organisation through customer’s wallets or keychains. Minted on personalised trolley coins, your logo will stroll through supermarkets and catch the glimpse of many shoppers.

Play Your Cards Right. Choose Personalised Metal Trolley Coins for Marketing

Typically, personalised trolley coins do not have much value and, as already mentioned, are made of moulded plastic. We propose a slightly different concept. Whatever marketing give-away you work with, it needs to incorporate and covey the value of your own brand. Promotional trolley coin personalised are promising, unless when cheaply made from PVC. This is not quite thought out, as:

Provocative custom design on personalised trolley coins with cut out and enamel colours

  • Plastic trolley coins wear out and break quickly;
  • Your logo or images cast in PVC will disappear after a short period of time;
  • Plastic trolley tokens are as bland and uncreative that people often ignore what is depicted on;
  • Plastic being harmful to the environment, ever more consumers try to limit using it.

On the other hand, personalised trolley coins made from metal:

  • Valuably carry your logo without it ever being erased or worn out;
  • Are resistant to minor damage;
  • Have a decent weight and a valuable touch that contributes to a positive connotation of your brand;
  • Causes respect and interest in the brand, which does not save on its advertising.

When carried as a stylish keyring, the branded trolley coin personalised are even more present in their owners’ daily life.

Once your custom trolley coins turned a success, you can extend your metal-marketing portfolio with precious metal coins to celebrate your company’s anniversary, achievements of dedicated employees, new product launches, etc.

Personalised Trolley Coins as an Effective Promotional Tool

Metal trolley coins have a huge marketing potential for a number of reasons we have mentioned above. This will justify their somewhat higher cost than if you ordered their plastic pendant. Make sure your promotional giveaway conveys what your brand stands for: Solid and brilliant metal-like performance, or short-lived PVC-like thoughts? Quality always has its price, doesn’t it?

We know how to make your personalised trolley coins not only look great but also 100% fulfil their marketing purpose. We would advise you to make them from bronze, brass, or copper. And for the best preservation of your logo, have us apply an antique finish to them. Thus, they will not only have an expensive, unsurpassed look but will also carry information about your company for as long as possible.

However, this is just a suggestion from our side. You may well give them any other look. In order to experiment how your branded trolley coins could look like, use our Coin Configurator.

Individual trolley coin with embossed pictures of a dog

CoinsForAnything Is a Synonym for Quality

As a professional coin minting service, we deal mostly with precious metal-minted custom coins for commemorative purposes. Working with precious metals imposes a great responsibility on us, which we fulfil with dignity.

Our company has clear, unshakable principles regarding coinage. Thus, we attach great importance to the quality of the custom pieces we manufacture. At our own factory, with the latest equipment, we use only premium-quality metals for minting. At all stages of production of our custom pieces, only the highest-level specialists are involved, continuously training the next generation of dedicated coin makers. This applies to the initial stage of coin design development as well as to minting, plating, customised coin packaging, and on-time delivery.

Having such vast experience in minting individual medals from precious metals, our team can surely guarantee top quality of your custom trolley coins.With us, your branded trolley coin will look their best while giving a powerful marketing message. “We believe in what we do. We are ready to bring it to you without saving on funds. We want our brand to be present in your life and facilitate daily tasks.” This is what a run of personalised trolley coins conveys. Contact us now to start working on the design of your trolley coin personalised today!

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.