Order University Coins, Masterfully-Crafted Keepsakes

Order University Coins, Masterfully-Crafted Keepsakes
Honour the time spent and brainpower activated within the walls of your Alma Mater institution, with custom university coins crafted by CoinsForAnything Ltd.

Surely everyone who graduated from an institution of higher education wouldn’t mind having palpable memorabilia that reminds them of the wonderful time they spent there. University coins excellently cope with this task. Firstly, they have inherent value thanks to their precious metal core that makes them a remarkable object. Secondly, when customised, university coins have a personal touch that makes their great and shiny appearance a tool to commemorate that can be proudly displayed among one’s achievements.

The Deep Meaning of University Coins

University coins are a great way to keep good memories of the place where young minds made their first successes in serious learning and, of course, of the fun student life. The tokens remind their holders of the difficulties they have overcome on the way to professional excellence. Personalised university coins keep the link between students and their Alma Mater.

Furthermore, university coins are gifted not only to students and graduates but also to distinguished professors and researchers who strongly contribute to the development and establishment of the educational institution they’re enrolled with. University coins are also frequently handed out to important visitors at official receptions marking important anniversaries or achievements of the institution itself.

Coins for University Professors, Researchers, Students, and Visitors

The following applies to all types of custom coins we manufacture, yet is even more important among academics: Custom university coins crafted in our mint carry both, inherent and symbolic value, for those ordering them to be made just as much as for those receiving them as a commemorative object.

At CoinsForAnything, we have minted university coins for institutions all around the world, with Europe as our home market. Minting coins with images of beautiful historic university buildings or scientific symbols is a real pleasure for our team of experienced craftsmen. Already our coin designers ensure the custom design for university coins to turn out as prestigious as possible. The following are only a few examples:

Custom University Coins of the Fondation Nationale de la Cité Universitaire de Paris

Incredible Parisian University coins

Our experts put all their professionalism and creativity into these detailed Parisian university coins. They have an impressive size of 70 x 4 mm. We crafted them in heavy Bronze. The recessed and lifted areas of the deeply embossed design render a 3D image of the university building. The inscription “CITÉ INTERNATIONALE UNIVERSITAIRE DE PARIS” on top, and “FONDATION NATIONALE” on the bottom surround it. The exquisite antique finish accentuates the university coins’ chic look. For an even more meaningful appearance, we placed the university coins in dark blue velvet coin boxes. The custom university coins and their packaging form a coherent whole, thanks to placement of the golden emblem of the educational institution on top and on the inside of the box’ lid. A truly worthy award, especially in its 24K Gold-plated variation. We produced one of these slightly refined, thus precious university coins for the visit of South Korean President Park Geun-Hye. The remarkable guest has been artfully honoured by the receiving institution in Paris.

Custom-Made Coins Honour the Work of Researchers

A cancer research project at Miltenyi Biotec has also been immortalised in a small set of custom university coins showing the Manager Program’s host building and the institution’s logo. The silver antiqued coins hold a engraving field for their serial number, underlining the exclusiveness of this limited custom coin run.

Miltenyi University Coins in Silver Antique with enamel colour details and engraving field
Golden German Army University Coins

Classy Commemorative Coins for Universities

Even educational army institutions turn to us to have their own commemorative university coins minted. Who says the military only cherish coloured challenge coins? Different duties require different custom coin styles. Thanks to our wide range of customization options in terms of core materials, plating, finish, size, colourisation and extra such as individual engraving of names or serial numbers, our team of coinage experts is the universalist among experienced custom coin manufacturers.

Are You Looking to Have University Coins Manufactured for Your Own Institution?

Experiment with the above mentioned options using our Coin Configurator or outline your ideas in a short email. Our team will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Contact us now for the kick-off of your university coins.

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.