Versatile Festival Coins Make Your Event Unforgettable

Versatile Festival Coins Make Your Event Unforgettable
It’s time to think of festival coins! If you plan a super event and want to provide your guests with the best time ever, CoinsForAnything is at your service.

What Are Festival Coins?

The symbolic currency tokens that people use at festivals or other events to purchase goods and services proudly bear the name “festival coins.” With them, the venue’s visitors get access to food, drinks, souvenirs, and various activities. Coins for events can come in different denominations or have a fixed value, depending on the particular affair. Event organisers sometimes issue collector’s editions of their own festival tokens. Not only do these unique jetons have a special artistic design, but they can also have additional value for coin lovers.

CoinsForAnything always produces your custom coins at a first-class level. The best metals, plating, enamel colours, and finest finishes are available. Do you want more? There are no standards limiting us: any size and shape for your festival coins is not a problem for us!

Which Options to Choose When Conceiving Coins for Events?

What is a festival coin? This is a custom-minted coin that professional coin manufacturers produce from resistant metals with high-stress tolerance. The metals of choice are most often bronze, brass, or zinc, thanks to their affordability and resilience to external factors. They don’t react with air, are solid enough for an excellent mintage result, and will carry your festival’s message far beyond the actual event. Additionally, mints plate their products with polished or aged gold, silver, or copper, if wished. Often, the design of event coins, our clients ask us to mint, typically also has bright enamel colours and custom edges.

Customised festival coins provide visitors with a fun and quality experience at an event. Besides, they can serve your organisation as a great marketing tool. These individually made pieces are your perfect opportunity to promote your brand, expand your customer pool, and maybe even get the support of new business partners and investors.

Festival coins with custom designs made from Silver in sandblasted and polished finish_Willie King coins
Festival coins with custom designs made from Silver in sandblasted and polished finish_Odetta coins

Iconic Festival Coins from the Certified Custom Coin Manufacturer, CoinsForAnything

The first thing that comes to mind for the planners of a special event is mostly, “How do you get festival coins?” Here, the answer is extremely simple: You need to contact CoinsForAnything, the UK’s No.1 certified coin manufacturer. Over the last few decades, our team has minted thousands of coin runs for various businesses and private clients. We do our job with utmost accuracy and professionalism.

Send us your company’s or event’s logo, icon, or slogan to emboss your festival coins with. Any inscription or graphic is possible. Contact us for details.

Process to Get Coins for Events Made

To get us started on your event coin project, you need to contact our team of account managers. They will accept your enquiry and take care to record all the important nuances for the effective performance of our work. Specify the purpose of your festival coins, the desired number of pieces, what metal you would like your tokens to be made of, and provide a rough description of the design components you would like to include in your event coins.

If you are new to designing coins for events and it’s hard for you to name the demanded information, that’s totally fine. Our best coin designers provide all the necessary consultation.

After receiving all the data, we need, our experts begin the exciting process of creating your festival coins. Our coin designers will prepare a mock-up and submit it for your approval. WE ALWAYS MAKE ADJUSTMENTS TO THE COIN GRAPHIC UNTIL YOU ARE COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH IT. As soon as all the preparations are done, we proceed to the actual festival coin mintage. Voila: Top-notch festival coins with your logo, company name, and inscription of your choice are fully ready to win this world for you!

Festival coins with custom designs made from Silver in sandblasted and polished finish_Otis Clay coins
Festival coins with custom designs made from Silver in sandblasted and polished finish_Ray Charles Coins

Order Your Festival Coins Now!

We do our job diligently when we take on your event coin project. How do we make your festival coins? Our company offers 100% custom coin production. We give complete freedom to our customers in choosing the core metal, plating, finishing, enamel colour shades, and edge design of their coins

Do you need festival coins, medals, pins, and badges in different sizes and shapes so that your event and, of course, your brand will not go overlooked? We have you covered! 

Contact us right away! 

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.