Custom Pendants: Give Your Loved Ones Nothing but the Best

Custom Pendants: Give Your Loved Ones Nothing but the Best
Order custom pendants made of the finest precious metals from CoinsForAnything. Make a perfect present that will be worth a million passionate words.

Since ancient times, one of the most desirable presents has been jewellery made of pure gold and silver. Elegant, custom pendants have been and are to this day one of the most striking representatives of precious metal adornments, enjoying great popularity.

CoinsForAnything is a professional mint that deals with pure gold and silver daily. Among other orders, we quite often receive requests for these wonderful items too. Stay with us to learn how we make personalised pendants for women, men, and children, and why we should mint yours.

Custom Pendants with Special Designs

When an important event is approaching, be it a personal occasion or a commonly celebrated big holiday like Christmas, Mother’s Day or St. Valentine’s Day, there is no better gift than custom gold pendants. They will definitely please your dear person or people because they are made from the purest 24K gold and have your unique design. What can decorate a graceful female neck or emphasise the masculinity of a man better than personalised pendants with your photo or inscription? Placed on a necklace or a neat chain, they will perfectly fulfil this task and tell your loved ones how much you care about them.

Custom Polished Pendants Made from Gold

How We Make Your Custom Pendants 

If You Can Imagine It, We Are Happy to Bring Your Vision to Life

First and foremost, the journey of producing your custom pendant run begins with a conversation with our coinage experts. They will listen carefully to all your wishes regarding the pieces you need and ensure that they are all written down and passed on to our professional coin designers. At this stage, our graphics specialists take a closer look at your ideas and wishes. We believe that only detailed discussion is the key to fruitful cooperation. Therefore, we discuss with you in detail your design ideas, the best options for their implementation, and your budget, and only then do we start making preliminary graphics. For your first idea of the design of your custom pendants, you are welcome to take advantage of our Online Coin Configurator.

Evaluate the Presented Artwork and Give Us Your Feedback

After discussing and clarifying all the nuances, our coin designers may even create further graphics of your products. We will send them to you for review and your complete approval. As soon as you are satisfied with the digital graphic, we’ll work on it more technically. Once this second set of graphics is also perfect, the production specialists in our own factory come into play.

Get Perfectly Minted Custom Pendants

The last stage of working with us is receiving stunning, personalised gold pendants that will outshine all the jewellery you have seen and worn in your life. These skilfully made items will make wonderful personal presents.

The Top 3 Personalised Pendants FAQs and Their Answers

We know how tough it can appear to create something from scratch. Let us guide you through the journey! Here are 3 of the most common questions about custom pendants our team receives from clients. We invite you to familiarise yourself with them.

Are there any restrictions on the size of finished products?

As always, we fully meet our customers’ needs and support any of their ideas. However, we must make sure that the finished piece will have the best quality, which comes down to accuracy of minting and resilience of any custom pendant we make. Thus, we won’t make your personalised gold pendants thinner than 1.5 mm and smaller than 2 cm in diameter. Otherwise, the embossed details will be too discrete for the eye, and the pendant too fragile to wear.

Custom Pendants in Irregular Shapes_ Soft Enamel Highlights

What finish will make my personalised pendant on a necklace look stunning?

We are open to any of your requirements and ideas. Our specialists are ready to apply any treatment to your pendants. However, to receive the highest precision and most valuable appearance of precious metal jewellery, an elegant polished plate is our preferred finish

Can I order custom pendants from common metals?

Our company specialises in minting products from precious metals. However, we are always happy to serve our customers, no matter what type of individual items they need. Therefore, we are always eager to make something incredible for you from any metal, be it common or precious.  

In case, you’d like to have a costly-looking personalised pendant but you’re tight on budget, we can add gold, silver, and rose gold plating to your individual pieces made from bronze.

Custom Pendants — Let Your Imagination Run Wild

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the freedom to choose how their custom pieces will look. Our team always listens to the wishes of the client and strives to realise their ideas to the fullest. Custom pendants are no exception. Choose the size, shape, plating, and finish of your fully personalised pendants to your liking. We are ready to bring your idea to life. Do not waste time looking for the perfect present for your loved ones; instead, order personalised gold pendants for them.

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Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.