Incredible Film Coins Used for Cinematographic Production

Incredible Film Coins Used for Cinematographic Production
Film coins are often used in the motion pictures industry. CoinsForAnything makes sure your pieces will convince your audience with their authenticity.

In the world of cinema, props are used extensively. Film coins are one of the frequent artefacts that are made for cinematic production. Where coins play an important role in the plot of a narrative, there is a need to make the coins used in the film as realistic as possible. Our company is always up to the challenge and can make film coins of the highest quality for our clients. Read below about some of the film coins that have played an important role in the motions.

Film Coins Embossed and Fine-Tuned in Our Mint

Movie coins regularly appear in the films. For instance, take the well-known pictures about Harry Potter or Pirates of the Caribbean. Check out a few examples of how film coins we produced at our mint were used in cinematic productions in recent years.

Stunning Examples of Coins Used in Films

Challenge Coins and military tags of the Armed forces contribute to a film as necessary accessories. For the producing company X Filme Creative Pool, we have made various film coins and other police relics for their history-telling films. These included “Good bye, Lenin!”, “Clous Atlas”, and “Run, Lola ,Run!” authentic police tags and coins. We reproduced and slightly altered the medals to ensure their legal use.

Not only coins can be subject to reproduction. We supplied the 2016 remake of the 1950 original “Heart of Stone” from East Germany with stunning fairy film coins. Coal-marmot Peter tries to increase his prosperity for the sake of turning into an acceptable future husband for the girl he admires. Not only our film coins get traded in this story which takes Peter on a meaningful journey including love, money, character, and a pact with the devil.


Particular attention must be paid when working on coin replicas for films and other purposes. In order to avoid fraudulent activities, it is not allowed to mint exact replica of historic currency coins. We need to adjust size, weight, material and/or design to ensure we are not breaking the law via our customer’s request of minting replica as their film coins. Besides these legal requirements, no limits are set to the conception of your custom film coins.

Do You Need Film Coins for Your Own Production?

The above are only a quick glimpse at the universe of our coins used in films and other cultural production. As a coin maker, it is our dusty to mint all film coins as authentic as possible and yet distinguishable from the originals. The company CoinsForAnything is ready to mint film coins of varying complexity and absolutely any design for you.To get an initial idea of what your film coins will look like, use the functionality of our Coin Configurator. Once submitted, our team of coin experts and designers are happy to bring your project to perfection.

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