Custom Engraved Coins: On-Demand Production

Custom Engraved Coins: On-Demand Production

Have coins customised by Your custom engraved coins can be made from a wide range of metals in different sizes and finishes.

Have a Coin Engraved With Your Own Design

Send us your idea and our team is at your service. Custom engraved coins are unique and highly symbolic keepsakes. They inspire inherent value and carry a personal note – the perfect personalised gift for him and her.

What Does “Customization” Actually Mean When Having a Coin Engraved by CoinsForAnything Ltd. ?

All we need is for you to choose one of our ready-to-be-engraved coin blanks, and

let us know how many coins you’d like to have engraved.

Our engraving blanks exist in various sizes in the following metals

  • 24K Gold,
  • 999 Fine Silver (with a 24K Gold-plating option),
  • Copper,
  • Bronze,
  • German Silver,
  • Zinc Alloy.

Our range of blanks fits all purposes and yet allows your custom engraved coins to be shipped within only a few working days after you placed the order with CoinsForAnything.

Photo, Logos, Slogans and More. You Choose the Design of Your Custom Engraved Coins

When having to limit your options with our choice of blanks, we can ensure that you have full options on personalizing your coin engraving design. Simply send us your photos and other design files as attachments to an email or use our contact form for that purpose.

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Gold and Silver Coin Engraving for Small or Big Custom Coin Runs

For reasons of cost efficiency we usually suggest embossing as the go-to option for bigger runs of identical coins. Embossing offers even mor options for the full customisation of your personalised coins, that our coin engraving service. But embossing is more time consuming, so if ever time is pressing, we’ve got you covered with gold or silver coin engraving.

You Prefer Custom Bars Over Engraved Coins?

Especially when working with precious metals, we are often sollicited for bars instead of our core expertise; the classy, round coins and medals on ribbons.

Enquire today about your own custom engraved gold bars. Please think of providing the desired dimensions and / or weight for your custom engraved silver bars.

Same as for our coin engraving service, we will also need your design files or a detailled description of how you imagine your custom silver and gold bars to be engraved.

How About Custom Engraved Cufflinks?

If you want it even more exquisite, we can also engrave a set of cufflinks with your personal design. Be it only one pair or a series, e.g. for the father of the bride, groomsmen, the groom and his best man, our team is happy to provide you with custom embossed or engraved cufflinks.

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Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment / currency.