Diplomacy Coins Mark 5 Decades of Friendship Among Countries

Diplomacy Coins Mark 5 Decades of Friendship Among Countries
Commemorative diplomacy coins with individual designs are available at CoinsForAnything Ltd. They are an excellent way to value political cooperation.

Today, we introduce you to a project we were specifically keen to realise with all our readiness and professionalism due to its undeniable international importance. A small run of custom diplomacy coins meant to celebrate the anniversary of the memorable event. It is the anniversary of the foundation of diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel.

Custom-minted diplomacy coins made from bronze_24k pure gold plating_ interwined flags are highlighted with hard enamel details

Diplomacy Coins Celebrate the Core Values of Democracy 

Diplomacy coins with fully personalised designs are a great way to pay tribute to the close and fruitful relationships between two countries. Many political leaders, administrative offices, and other public actors value the metallic, solid evidence of peaceful, constructive and civilized relations between the powers, which custom-made diplomacy coins underline. It is no surprise, that many countries’ diplomats take the decision to make use of individually embossed diplomacy coins to honour long-lasting friendships and support between nations.Many prestigious organizations and high-ranking officials all over the world trust the CoinsForAnything company to mint diplomacy coins.

Superior Custom-Minted Diplomatic Medals

Our reputable organisation was chosen for a responsible task — to mint high-quality diplomacy coins. The clients wanted to mint 50 individual coins to honour 50 years of good relations between Germany and Israel. Solid and shiny diplomacy coins symbolize long and fruitful positive relations, common democratic values, and multifaceted cooperation between the two countries.

Exquisite Diplomacy Coins with One-of-a-Kind Design

Our specialists have produced an amazing set of diplomacy coins. The custom-minted medals are 50 mm in diameter and 3 mm in thickness. We minted them from bronze, which has a nice touch and is valuably heavy, and plated the diplomacy coins in pure 24K Gold.Our specialists embossed on the coins the text in Hebrew and German, as well as the symbolically intertwined flags of Germany and Israel. Hard enamel colours highlighted this imagery part of the diplomacy coins to give it the exact appearance.

To ensure that the packaging complements the diplomacy coins, our customers opted for our popular V19 frame. It encloses the coin between transparent membranes, such as to make it appear to be floating. This coin packaging perfectly highlights the stunning look of the diplomacy coins.

50th anniversary of Israel and Germany's diplomatic relations_Finest quality bronze diplomacy coins with 24K gold plating in V19 frame

Is Your Department Looking to Have Diplomacy Coins Minted, too?

Are you fascinated by the idea of having diplomacy coins, or any other type of commemorative coins made for your event? Head straight to our Coin Configurator and try your hand at modelling them now! Our coin designers will make your custom-minted pieces incomparable!

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