Custom Company Coins for Celebrations

Custom Company Coins for Celebrations
Creative designs and the finest precious metals for custom company coins: emboss your logo on the ideally minted coins from CoinsForAnything.

London-based cyber security firm, Templar Executives, had the perfect excuse to throw a high-profile reception with precious commemorative presents, custom company coins. The organisation was going to honour its 10 years in business and receive a prestigious award for its services from CEO Insights Magazine. In 2016, the Templar Executives company was awarded the title of “Best UK Cyber Security Firm, 2016”. To celebrate these landmarks for the organisation, it decided to have custom company coins minted and spread them among the employees at the celebration. CoinsForAnything eagerly went to work and promised to embody each of the events on both sides of the custom company coins.

24K pure gold custom company coins

Custom Company Coins Emphasise the Significance of the Event

We always take a very responsible approach to each of our custom company coins minting assignments. Our highly skilled project consulting and design teams worked with the customers to discuss any questions they had about the appearance of the custom company coins. A thorough analysis of the firm’s wishes and preferences was carried out. We minted custom company coins that truly spoke loudly of significant events. After painstaking work, a decision was made to mint on the front side of the custom company coins the emblem of the Templar Executives together with the foundation year of the organisation. For the text minting, the designers took a creative approach and selected the fonts to correspond to the corporate design of the firm. On the back side of the custom company coins, a reference to the CEO Insights Magazine award presented to the organisation was stamped.

Precious Memories with Precious Metal Custom Company Coins

The design team tried to represent the significance of the event not only in the creative appearance of the custom company coins but also in the materials of which they were to be minted. It was decided to use a bronze core for the custom company coins with a further 24K gold plating. In order to give the custom company coins a truly sophisticated look, they were then coated twice with gold and covered with a polished plate. Thereby a mirror-like effect was given to the custom company coins. To accentuate the artful and unconventional appearance of the coins, a simple border was chosen from the many options available.

CoinsForAnything always provides our customers with a huge range of precious material options for minting custom company coins as well as their finishes and designs.

custom company coins polished plate

Custom Company Coins Are a Present to Remember

Minting custom company coins is a great way to reward employees and give them a gift that is truly memorable. This is especially true if they are stamped of a precious metal such as gold or plated with it, in the case of our clients from London. With our help, they were able to commemorate achieving their milestone anniversary and gaining recognition in the marketplace in the form of classy custom company coins.

Interested in the Idea of Custom Coin Minting?

Our Coin Configurator is at your service! With this handy tool, you can easily sketch your future company coins design already today. Contact us, our experts are eager to help you craft your flawless custom company coins!

Below, you can have a look at other custom company coins of our work for inspiration.

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.