Custom Commemorative Coins of Finest Quality

Custom Commemorative Coins of the Finest Quality
At CoinsForAnything we produce the finest custom commemorative coins you can think of. Don’t restrict your imagination when it comes to your own coin design.

Inspired by Ancient Mintage: All Pieces Are Unique

Mankind has always strived for magnificence and tried to surround itself with beautiful things. One of the works of art on par with paintings, statues, stand ancient custom coins. The first individual coins created are considered to have been made by the masters of Ancient Greece. Also, Cleopatra was truly in love with her coin craft. Ancient masters used mainly alloy of gold and silver for precious metal coins mintage. Often, they put their names on medals, like a signature. Ancient custom commemorative coins differ from their modern counterparts in high relief and often irregular shapes.

Modern Custom Coinage: Your Custom Commemorative Coins Are Our Passion

Coin mintage has changed a lot since the days of Ancient Greece. Today, automated equipment is used everywhere. At the same time, the machines only perform the mechanical part of coinage. While the artsy design process of all custom commemorative coin projects remains deeply creative. This is where our professional coin designer gets down to work.

Our team of professionals is deeply committed to the coin mintage business. When it comes to minting precious metal coins, the most important thing for us is a job well done, even when it is creating only one single piece. Our custom commemorative coins are always excellent work that is worthy of admiration. Contact us to learn more information.

Custom Commemorative Coins: Quality Meets Impressive Look

The distinctive feature of our production is that we are willing to make your custom commemorative coins unique. A fully customised product made from your favourite metal and in the form, you need it to have. The canonical one is, of course, round, however, it is possible to give embossed coins any shape.

When It’s Time to Order Custom-made Coins

Commemorate all meaningful occasions with a run of custom coins that you can hand out to all parties involved. We often make custom commemorative coins for:

  • Corporate celebrations;
  • A start-up or project/product launch;
  • Jubilees;
  • Anniversaries of noteworthy historical events;
  • Festivals of all sizes and qualities;
  • Weddings;
  • School/university graduations and many others.

Also, remarkable scientists, civic leaders, artists, politicians, dedicated members of international organisations, military, officers of police, and emergency responders are pleased to be honoured with custom commemorative coins.

Our gold and silver coins make a great keepsake for years to come. However, when precious metals do not fit the budget of your project, we certainly won’t stop there. Our mint also manufactures custom commemorative coins from Copper, Bronze, German Silver, Zinc, Nickel, and many more. Make sure to let us know about the exact use of your coin run and our experts will find the fitting solution for your needs. This can lead to a quote for coins with enamel colouring, double plating, engraved serial numbers, or any other detail that turns your commemorative coins into an excellent memento.

The main feature of all custom commemorative coin projects is their unique design. Please find below the different components of such.

Get Started Making Your Custom Commemorative Coins Marvellous:

Pure Precious Metals and Excellent Alloys for Your Individual Coins

As a certified coin manufacturer, we want you to be impressed with our work. That’s why we choose our metal suppliers carefully and test the purity of 24k gold, .999 fine silver, palladium, and platinum. As well, our specialists check the quality of nickel, bronze, copper, brass, zinc, and other metals or alloys when melting them in our furnace. Thus, we achieve the impeccable quality of coin blanks for your commemorative coins.

Where We Take Over: Collector’s Quality Embossing of Your Design

Embossing gives custom commemorative coins an exquisite and expensive look, making them irresistible. Besides their inherent worth, a customised coin design’s meaning will certainly delight the owner. Literally any image can be embossed while respecting even the smallest detail of the picture.

Even though their centre will catch the first glance, taking care of your coins’ outer ring and edge design will be proof of special attention. Make them truly exclusive by having us mint the border in a rope, chain, swirl, wavy, or diamond-shaped design. If simplicity is your goal, we can also make the boarder extra-large or convey your message in written form right here.

When it comes to your custom commemorative coins’ third side or edge, we can suggest embossing it currency-like with a reeded design or even mint or laser engrave your preferred inscription around it.

We’re Open to Your Suggestions!

If none of the mentioned coin edging options is suitable for your custom commemorative coins, no problem! We always work FOR the customer AND in close cooperation with them. We give you the opportunity to come up with your own personalised coin edge design. Our coin designers are ready to work on a customised border for your project.

You Said Uniqueness? Special Treatment for Your Commemorative Coins

Decide upon the finish for your custom commemorative coins depending on the effect you wish to transmit through them. Should they be resilient or rather sensitive to the touch of bare hands? Are they meant to reflect light just as a mirror would do, or do you prefer them to be matte, structured through sandblasting, or even look antique?

We’re happy to advise, but once again, the choice is yours!

Spice it up: Colouration Options to Make Custom Commemorative Coins

If you wish to respect your corporate identity, or simply accentuate a few details of your individual coin design, CoinsForAnything will do that for you. Glossy soft enamel and vivid hard enamel colours can turn your custom commemorative coins into little paintings. In certain cases, we can even print entire elements on your medals. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the options with our coinage experts.

Your Partner CoinsForAnything — A Team of Coinage Professionals

Our company is an acknowledged specialist in the coin minting industry. We give our customers a great deal of freedom when conceiving their custom commemorative coins. Coinage with CoinsForAnything is an open dialogue, we are always curious to do what nobody has done before us. Thus, with us, you can get the custom commemorative coins of your dreams in completely individual shapes and sizes. To help us make truly stunning memorial coins for you, use our Coin Configurator to get started.

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.