Beautiful University Challenge Coins to Celebrate a Great Project

Foundation Stone Custom Coins
Custom coins for a university project: Participants are happy about receiving the university challenge coin.

University challenge coins for the laying of Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris‘s cornerstone

For this event we had been contacted by the university to produce beautiful 3D medals that display the university building. This entire project was extremely detailed, and the results did not fail to impress.
We consider this particular coin as one of our most beautiful and detailed 3D coins that has ever been produced.

About the university’s custom coins

The first feature of this custom coin is the size: 70x4mm. The coin’s size, in combination with 3D embossing and an exquisite antique finish, highlights the detailed structure of the buildings and the texts that are placed on the coin.
The 3D embossed text “CITÉ INTERNATIONALE UNIVERSITAIRE DE PARIS FONDATION NATIONALE“ is placed around the University building as a kind of border. The reverse side of the coin is blank so it can be placed perfectly in the dark-blue velvet boxes that were especially ordered for the ceremony to hand over the coins to their respective recipients.
The blue velvet box contains, as based on the customer´s request, a golden logo on it printed on the outside of the box and the same logo printed on the inside of the lid. This individually designed box is a perfect example of how to hand over jubilee coins and medals. Together, the coin and box will serve as a great reminder of this special day in the university’s history.

Custom-printed high quality packaging in blue velvet for the university challenge coins.

Some additional details of these university challenge coins

The customer has been extremely happy with the outcome of their project and has contacted us again to re-produce one of the coins with some additional features, gold plating and engraving.
This additional coin is intended to be used to honor the visit of Mrs. Park Geun-Hye, President of South Korea. The visit is to be a memorable and wonderful day at the university, and to mark how special this day is the coin has been plated with 24 carat gold and the backside of the coin has been engraved. The additional 24 carat gold plating and the extra engraving so just how special of a present this coin is.
The time frame for this project was very challenging, but we are proud to say that through great team work we managed to complete the project after only three short weeks.

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