Dive in a Variety of Custom Black Coins 

Dive in a Variety of Custom Black Coins 
CoinsForAnything mints individual black coins of the highest standard. Find out about a variety of coins made in black and choose the one you like best.

Bespoke coins are a creative way to show appreciation, reward distinguished people, or make a present that a receiver will remember for a long time. They can have all kinds of shapes, sizes, finishes, and shades of black. In terms of various colours in which coins are made, black is one of the most stylish and innovative. Black coins are still quite unusual, which makes them great eye-catchers in a coin check or in a collection of custom-made coins.

Whatever occasion people order them, individual black coins always attract attention and fascinate with their beauty and unconventionality. In this review, we will discuss the various ways in which coin manufacturers give custom-minted coins a black colour. This will give you the necessary background when ordering your own custom coins in black.

Ebony Metal and Black Nickel Plating on Custom Black Coins

In our mint, we love to work with bronze as a base metal for our custom-made coins. While embossing quality and touch are impeccable, bronze also perfectly holds all kinds of metal plating, as well as enamel colours. However, also coin rounds made from other metals can further be coated with precious metals or another common metal. A black look is given to these custom coins when electro-plating them with black nickel.

The custom black coins with dark metal plating either have a saturated matte ebony colour, or a shiny, light-reflecting appearance. The overall appearance of such black coins is non-trivial and, when combined with quality coin packaging, can become a one-of-a-kind individual piece. 

We provide full customisation of coin packaging for 50+ piece orders.

When we talk about black nickel plating, it can appear fully polished or fully matte. Nonetheless, there’s one nuance to keep in mind. Even though, its name is “black nickel”, when polished, the colour of this coating has more like a grey metallic hue. Individual black coins with this type of plating reveal a sculptured design particularly well. The lowered parts of the coin pattern look especially sharp here.

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Contrast Is Beautiful: Captivating Black Nickel and Gold Coins 

Custom-made coins coated in gold are undoubtedly gorgeous-looking. Whether the precious metal is highly polished, sandblasted, or antique, any kind of treatment looks great on it. However, there is a way to make golden coins even more spectacular. Coin manufacturers use a combination of gold and black nickel for this purpose. This is called dual plating. The black nickel thus enhances the beauty and subtlety of gold. Together, they create an unforgettable ensemble of colours. 

Customised coins of this rank have an exquisite collector’s look and are frequently used as challenge coins for the Armed Forces, prestigious merit awards, or exquisite presents for special occasions

It’s up to you to decide what size your coins will be. With us, you have the opportunity to order custom coins in a wide range of dimensions, from 10 mm to 250 mm.

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Your Individual Black Coins with Exquisite Enamel Colour

Certainly, the black nickel finish looks enchanting and somehow futuristic. Although, if you are looking for something a little different, black enamel might be the right choice. It has a shimmering, glossy ebony colour and is perfect for custom embossed coins. The high-quality black enamel, covering the recessed parts of the embossed design, allows the individual piece to shine with renewed vigour. 

Dark enamel combined with other vivid design accents makes these black coins an unforgettable experience for the future owner.  


CoinsForAnything provides customised coin production starting at just one piece! With us, you can order small quantities of individual black coins of the top class. Contact us for details. 

Another way to get custom black coins is to apply a print of this colour to the finished round. In this case, we additionally put on the customised medals a durable epoxy coating. Thus, not only do these personalised coins gain a remarkable colour but also are protected against minor damage. 

The right packaging will further secure your individual coins in black. Check out our coin packaging options and quality coin displays here.

Mesmerising Replicas of Black Coins

If you are a passionate collector of coins or want to give a creative and unconventional present, you may be interested in replicating some existing black coins.

We can make a wide variety of replica coins for you. These can be copies of real historical coins or, for example, black coins from famous movies or TV series such as Game of Thrones. A loyal fan would be incredibly pleased to receive, for example, the Faceless Man Coin with a matte/polished black nickel finish. How cool would that be?

You can rest assured that we make replicas of black coins responsibly and take all precautions so there is no question of counterfeiting or fraud.

CoinsForAnything Mints Unique Coins in Black

We are a certified minting service. Our team provides the opportunity to order a wide variety of personalised coins, among which custom black coins have a place of honour. See for yourself and contact us so we can start working on your individual black coin design today!

You are highly welcome to use our Online Coin Configurator to model the future coin appearance to your liking.

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.