Custom Award Coins as a Gratitude Sign

Custom Award Coins as a Gratitude Sign
Show appreciation for services with precious metal award coins. Learn about personalised designs stamped on honour coins made from the finest precious metals.

Custom-made award coins are a splendid manner to commemorate a contribution to an essential issue. They are one of the most preferred ways of rewarding those who excel in a particular activity. The organisation that turned to us to mint award coins is engaged in an activity that is among the most important of all. It explores the depths of the ocean, supports and protects the species living there.

This renowned European association has wished to honour the invaluable assistance in the field of ocean exploration rendered by one person. We were asked to mint award coins for Prince Albert II, Head of State of Monaco and President of the Mediterranean Scientific Commission. By presenting him with award coins, the team wanted to recognise his contribution to marine research and species protection. CoinsForAnything willingly took on the task of minting award coins worthy of the royalty.

Custom-Minted Award Coins for Ceremonies

Clever Design Embossed on High Quality Award Coins

Together with the marine environment protection organisation that asked us to mint their personalised award coins. The team of coin designers of CoinsForAnything has done diligent work. The challenge was to reflect in the appearance and materials for the custom-made award coins the depth of the recognition. Collaboratively, the decision was made to mint the coins with a bronze core to give them a respectable weight. Further, to emphasise the merit and status of the recipient of the award coins, they were plated in 24K gold. The bilingual text has been applied to both sides of the coins, highlighting the international importance of research and protection of the ocean environment. The premium polished plate finish of these personalised award coins made their image glorious and complete.

Proper Packaging Complements Award Coins

The chic packaging plays just as much a role as the award coins themselves. It complements the image and allows custom-made medals to be given a sophisticated touch. For the award coins for Prince Albert II, our customers have selected the V20 object frame from the many options available. It intended to provide an excellent overview of the commemorative coins and accentuate their impressive size — 70mm x 4mm. An ensemble of award coins and a V20 frame created a proper tribute for the royalty.

To start making your custom award coins today, head over to our Coin Configurator. Here, you can create a first draft of how you’d like your custom coin to look before our team of coin design experts then help you craft your precious metals award coins.

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.