Commemorative Covid Coins for the Key Healthcare Workers

Commemorative Covid Coins for the Key Healthcare Workers
Everyday hero efforts at hospitals, labs, and ambulances are rewarded with custom coins. Precious metal Covid coins for employees with individual designs.

In the face of the unusually harsh conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, our everyday heroes in the medical sector make great sacrifices to help those in need. They deserve worthy rewards, and custom coins for employees are a great option. CoinsForAnything had the great privilege of creating customised covid-19-coins to honour many of the tireless key workers on the pandemic front lines. As a result, we are now delighted to share a handful of customer stories, full of hope and recognition, expressed with covid coins from our mint.

The employee coins were presented to a wide range of hard-working, commendable health workers who made tremendous sacrifices throughout the pandemic. Ranging from the staff at a maternity hospital to soldiers, the ambulance services, and chemists, each of the covid-19 coins for employees was presented as a token of gratitude and an acknowledgement of selfless dedication to serving others.Are you interested in the moving, real-life stories behind some of our recently minted covid coins? Then read on!

Covid Coins for Health Workers Who were Risking their Own Lives

The National Maternity Hospital in Dublin awarded their staff with customised covid coins to thank them for risking their lives during the pandemic. These coins for employees are 50mm in diameter, made from a bronze core with 999 fine silver plating. For the covid coins’ exquisite touch, we produced them with our premium polished plate finish.

Symbolically, the hospital’s 3rd-year B.Sc. Midwifery students were presented with their individual covid coins as they received their vaccination against the disease. They turned them into a sort of “vaccine coins”. The hospital also awarded the head of the medical laboratory and senior medical scientist. The two of them received their custom covid coins right at their workplaces, in front of sets of Covid testing equipment.

Marking the Armed Forces Tireless Work with Covid Coins

A non-neglectable number of soldiers were deployed to Liverpool in November 2020 to set up and run close to 50 corona testing centres. The city wanted to honour the troops for their participation in saving lives during the pandemic. The unusual challenge is commemorated with custom-minted covid coins, designed by the city hall and minted by CoinsForAnything. Our coin designers guided the design process of the Liverpool covid coins, eventually deciding on an emblem that represents the heart of Liverpool: the city skyline underneath the iconic Liver Bird. We crafted the stunning bronze covid coins with a sandblasted finish, which is quite common for military coins. On their front side we added soft enamel in the colour of the City Council’s logo to the recessed areas. The civic challenge, or “covid coins” were handed out to the soldiers by the mayor of Liverpool.

Celebrating the Ambulance Service with Custom Commemorative Coins

The Welsh Ambulance Service presented its staff with striking silver-plated, polished plate commemorative covid coins for doing their part in the battle against the virus. The WAS-logo was minted in a matte finish on the front side of the employee coins and boasts a beautiful polished, mirror-like reflective background. Together with a certificate emitted by the director of the organisation, these covid-19 coins for the employees of the Welsh Ambulance Service were presented in our floating-coin frames. The embossed text in English and Welsh adds an a additional personal touch.

Over the past 20 years, the service has become one of the most clinically advanced in the world, focusing on giving their patients the highest possible quality of care. The custom-made covid coins serve as a reminder of and thank-you-token for their hard and dedicated work.

Covid Coins to Honour Pharmacists

Pillbox Chemists, an independent pharmacy group, provides individual NHS and private services. Pillbox pharmacists were awarded customised 24K gold covid coins to pay tribute to their unwavering dedication to helping others during the pandemic. They offer validated Covid-19 tests at patients’ homes and direct delivery of vital supplies such as masks, sanitisers, thermometers, and gloves. Their employer decided, that these “pharmacy heroes” deserve only the best rewards!Thus, the awarding covid coins had a rather impressive diameter of 50 mm and were presented inside an NHS blue velvet V10 box, customised with the Pillbox Chemists logo-print.

Would You also Like to Pay Homage to Someone’s Tireless Efforts with Splendid Customised Employee Coins?

Creating your covid-19 coins, or any other type of coins as a reward for employees, is simple when working with CoinsForAnything. Just hop on over to our Coin Configurator to give us an idea of how you want your commemorative coins to look like. Then, our team of coin designers will help you craft the perfect covid coins to honour the everyday heroes in your life.

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.