CoinsForAnything Puts Your Face on a Coin

CoinsForAnything Puts Your Face on a Coin
CoinsForAnything Puts Your Face on a Coin Thinking of a stunning commemorative souvenir? Stamping a face on a coin will solve the dilemma and give a great memento that is pleasant to share.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous present that the potential recipient will treasure for a lifetime, you’ve come to the right place! With us, it’s possible to mint your dearest’s or your own face on a coin and offer it as the best present for a long-lasting memory. After all, what can be closer to a person than an image of themselves or their loved ones? An artistic interpretation of your photo on a coin manufactured by our in-house production team is a great keepsake option we are eager to offer you.

We don’t chase the number of custom coins to mint, what matters to us are creative challenges and customer satisfaction. Our team is wide open to requests for small quantities of coins or even ONE SINGLE PHOTO COIN to be printed, engraved or stamped. Contact us for details.

A Personalised Photo Coin: Why It’s a Great Idea to Realise

People are always in awe when they look at photo albums or the photo frames on the mantelpiece. Images have an almost magical appeal that absolutely everyone can relate to. We invite you to get a little creative and move the moments dear to your heart or worthy of lasting memory to a slightly different plane. Stamping your face on a coin is a great new way to give a photograph a new meaning and significance.

Minting a Face on a Coin is Suitable for a Number of Different Occasions:

The list of individual events when one would need to get their personal photo minted on a coin is endless. These are the only main ones we work on regularly:

  • Birthday/bachelor parties, etc.
  • Weddings;
  • Anniversary celebrations;
  • Corporate events;
  • High-profile receptions;

We Provide Different Options on How to Put Your Face on a Coin

Have a look at them below:

  • Colourful photo print, protected by a dome made of special coin lacquer;
  • Elegant photo engraving of precious metal coins through a modern dotting technique. Colours are not possible to add;
  • Collector’s quality photo embossing of any metal and in any size. We are happy to add details with enamel colours at your request. This option is most suitable when ordering not only a single photo coin but many to be handed out as a personal keepsake in commemoration of your most special occasion. As we keep your individual stamping tools in our facility, we will always be able to reproduce and mint your photo coins again at a later point in time.

Production of Your Photo Coins: Step by Step

We’d like to share with you some info about how we craft custom photo coins:

  1. Turning your Favourite Photo into Coin Design Graphics;
  2. Melting Metals as the Base for a Photo Coin;
  3. Finalising your Photo Coin: Picture Print, Custom Engraving or Minting.
Minting coins from photos of faces

1. Turning your Favourite Photo into Coin Design Graphics

The first thing our experts do is work directly with the original photo to be placed on the coin.

  • From the picture given by the client, we prepare layout graphics illustrating what the end result will look like;
  • Once the layout is approved, we make a technical mock-up of the future coin, which shows its elevations. This is then used to prepare the the individual minting tools, thanks to which we stamp your face on a coin.

2. Melting Metals as the Base for a Photo Coin

Each custom coin created has a strictly specified thickness. Especially when working with precious metals this is crucial to stick to the desired weight and diameter of your custom coin. To achieve this thickness, the coin’s base metal must be melted first. To do this, it is placed in a special melting furnace. We diligently observe the quality of individual coins we make, so our production facilities are equipped with only the most modern and powerful machinery.

After the metal is placed in the furnace and is already molten, a special mechanism forces it out of the furnace; this process creates metal sheets with the necessary thickness. Already from these sheets we cut blanks of future coins with your face. They are carefully cleaned and weighted.

3. Finalising Your Photo Coin: Picture Print, Custom Engraving, or Minting

After the coin blanks have been cut out, they can be subjected to different types of processing, depending on what type of photo coin the customer has ordered.

Photo Print

When a customer wants to see the direct equivalent of a print in colour on a coin, we can offer to a print your photo on the metal coin round and cover it with a lacquer dome.

Dot Engraving

If the customer wishes to have the face on the coin engraved, we can offer admiringly precise engraving with the dotting technique. In this case, no colours are added, but it is possible to use both common and precious metals (.999 fine silver and 24K pure gold) as a base material.

Custom Engraved Coin. Face on a Coin made from .999 Fine Silver

Collector’s Quality Custom Minting

In the case our client wants to “add volume” to the face on the coin, we are ready to offer top-quality 2D/3D embossing (with colour enamelling at request). Choose from a list of available finishes to make sure you get exactly the photo coin you want. Any design, size and shape are possibly achievable.

Why You Should Choose Us as Your Photo Coin Supplier

  1. We gathered under our wing the team of highly skilled and devoted coinage experts;
  2. Our specialists personally stamp your face on a coin in our own facility, supplied with the most modern equipment;
  3. The production of each photo coin is under strict control;
  4. We use only top-quality metals to print, engrave, die-strike or mint your custom photo coins, including .999 Fine Silver and 24K Gold.

Stunning Photo Coin Packaging

Custom photo coins are truly exquisite pieces that demand decent packaging. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of packaging options to present your custom-made coins to their recipients. Have a look at our premium Coin Packaging variants.

We Set Your Face on a Coin — You Receive Amazing Memento

Every photo coin we make is a meticulous job. We strive that every custom piece meets the highest expectations of our customers. This is why before moving on, the result of each step in the process requires your approval, to ensure we are aligned on design and quality.

To give us an idea of what your coins should look like we invite you to use our Coin Configurator, the more info you give the closer to your imagination will we produce your custom photo coins.

We always keep up with our customers and try to satisfy all their wishes and preferences. This applies not only to the appearance of the custom-made coins. Even if you want to put your face on just one single coin, we will definitely fulfil your order. We start minting from 1 piece! Contact us to find out more.

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.