Choose the Right Production Method for Your Custom Coins

Choose the Right Minting Method for Your Custom Coin

Commemorating unique events with Custom Coins minted exclusively for you.

Every now and then, the usual flow of life is halted by an extraordinary moment. An occasion, event, or achievement so rare and significant, that the world seems to stop spinning. At CoinsForAnything we mint beautiful custom coins to commemorate exactly these special events.

Whether due to the efforts of a single person or an outstanding group of individuals, these remarkable instances deserve to be celebrated and memorialized.

The perfect way to commemorate these outstanding individual or collective triumphs? To present these exceptional people in your life with custom coins made in their honor that’ll last a lifetime—and beyond.

Here’s how to choose the right type of custom coin to pay homage to those close to you.

Minting a Custom Coin for a Special Individual

There are a handful of milestone moments in an individual’s life that deserve to be remembered and cherished. Such special occasions include:

  • Significant birthdays
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Christenings
  • Momentous personal achievements
  • Graduations
  • A memorial of a life well-lived

Creating a personalized custom coin to mark one of the events listed above sets the right tone for the occasion. The importance of an individual’s accomplishment is encompassed in the iconic, timeless form of a coin, a coin that may well serve as an heirloom for generations to come.

Generally, when creating a commemorative coin for an individual, we recommend using one of two minting methods: Printing or engraving.

Here are the different types of custom coins you can make for one or two special people using these two minting techniques.

Creating a Custom Coin with the Printing Method

Printing custom coins to commemorate exceptional moments.

The custom coin printing method is wonderfully simple and incredibly effective. After choosing an image or photo that you’d like to display on one or both sides of your commemorative coin, we’re then able to print your selected image directly onto the coin itself.

We do this by printing the high quality image of your choice and sealing it on to your coin with a clear, durable lacquer. This lacquer can be either standard epoxy doming or clear doming, each boasting a slightly different glaze.

Then you can choose from either an antique or polished finish. The antique finish gives the coin a more well-worn vintage look while the polished finish makes the coin appear shiny and new. Your custom coin will then be properly packaged and delivered to you within one week.

For context, the above example of the commemorative 2nd Infantry ROK/US Combined Division coin uses a printed photographic image lacquered in standard epoxy doming with an antique finish.

One of the great advantages of using the printing method is that you can enjoy remarkable visual detail on your custom coin. Transferring a photographic image which captured a significant moment onto a striking epoxy-coated coin means that that moment is now captured for all-time.

Producing a Custom Coin Using the Engraving (Dotting) Method

A fantastic alternative to creating a printed custom coin is to mint a commemorative coin using the engraving technique. Like printing, this minting method is also frequently used to produce unique coins to celebrate the achievements of one or two individuals.

This fascinating technique is achieved by following these steps:

  • A photo or image of your choice is imported into a specialized computer program.
  • The program then converts this image into a series of microscopic dots.
  • The image is then sent on to a dedicated coin-engraving machine.
  • The engraving machine then etches your image onto your coin by etching the coin’s surface with hundreds of tiny dots mirroring the chosen image.
  • Your coin is then given a finish and sent to you within one week
Engraving custom coins to commemorate exceptional moments.

Due to the intricate nature of this technique, we currently only offer this method for coins made of pure .999 fine silver.

The example above which was created to commemorate a 50 year wedding anniversary, is a .999 fine silver coin covered in a stunning gold plating. As you can see, the image of the happy couple consists of many microscopic dots, each carefully carved into the coin’s surface.

Minting Custom Coins for a Group of Individuals

So far, we’ve discussed the best minting methods for creating a custom coin for one or two outstanding people, but what if you want to honor a group of individuals? This may mean commemorating the following:

  • The outstanding achievements of a group of employees
  • The selfless acts of those working in military service or as first responders
  • The graduation of a class of students
  • Membership to a particular group
  • A team’s impressive sporting achievements

While you can use both the printing and engraving methods to create custom coins for multiple people, we recommend considering the embossing technique. Here’s why.

Creating a Custom Coin with the Embossing Technique

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When it comes to embossing custom coins, the sky really is the limit. From images to lettering, coloring, style, and graphic elements, embossing allows you to control and adjust every little intricate detail of your coins to perfection.

Once you’ve settled on a design idea, we set about minting your embossed commemorative coins as follows:

  • The creative team creates a digital blueprint of your design using specialized software which takes into consideration your coin’s material and dimensions.
  • A steel mold of your custom coin is then created and placed into an extremely hot oven to make it more durable.
  • Blank coins comprised of your chosen material are then fed into the mold and stamped with a machine using incredible force.
  • If you’ve opted for a specific style of coin edge (simple, double, ribbed, structured, triangular, waved, or spiraled), a specialized machine is then used to implement your choice of border.
  • Next, the coins are “deburred” which means that any unwanted hard or sharp edges are smoothed down.
  • Then, if your coins are receiving a special coating such as a gold or silver plating, they are electroplated, giving them a smooth plating in the metal of your choice.
  • Any colored elements are then added to your coin’s surface. Depending on the nature of the design, this is either done by hand or by machine.
  • Finally, your custom coin is given either a polished, sandblasted, antique, or polished plate finish.
  • Your finalized embossed custom coins are then shipped to you within four weeks.

Due to the intricacy of the embossing process, you can expect your custom embossed coins to go above and beyond what you perhaps thought was possible. Thanks to our electroplating capabilities, you can also transform inexpensive coins made from materials such as nickel, copper, bronze or PVC into stunning gold and silver-plated keepsakes.

However, if you’re looking to create a selection of truly remarkable coins, it’s also possible to mint your custom coins in pure 24k gold and .999 fine silver. No matter your budget, we will best advise you on your options, including your packaging choices from coin stands and pouches, to boxes, frames, and fully customizable packaging alternatives.

Interested in turning your custom coin ideas into a reality? Then here are your next steps.

Making Your Own Custom Coins at CoinsforAnything

Looking to honor a special someone or a group of individuals with a charming commemorative coin?

Creating your custom coin with us is simple. Just use our ‘Coin Configurator’ to give us an idea of how you want your coin to look. Then, our creative team will help you design your perfect custom coin while our technicians will advise you on which materials to use to match both your design and your budget.

From here, it’s but a matter of weeks until your exquisite custom coins arrive on your doorstep.

Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. In practice, however, our products are embossed medals and are not valid as any form of current or former means of payment, currency, or legal tender.