Branding Coins: Declare Your Business with Confidence

Branding Coins: Declare Your Business with Confidence
How to promote your brand innovatively? Do it with branding coins! CoinsForAnything will make first-class custom logo coins for you.

Smart Marketing with Custom Branding Coins

Ordinary handouts such as pens, T-shirts, and notebooks no longer surprise or impress anyone. They are not enough to attract the attention of potential customers and business partners to your organisation. If your company is looking for a solution to this delicate marketing problem, we have something to offer. Versatile and with limitless potential, customised branding coins will serve your purpose of spreading the word about your business in a literally solid way.

What are Custom Logo Coins?

As a professional custom coin maker with rich experience, we can outline an interesting feature of branding coins. A company of absolutely any size, capital, or activity can use these extraordinary custom promotional coins with logos for its marketing campaign.

Branded coins are always:

  • Fully customisable;
  • Unconventional giveaways;
  • Perfect for marketing;
  • Suitable for any budget;
  • Available in big runs and various versions.

To guide you, we will tell you a little about the most popular types of coins for branding that our customers order.

Fine Silver polished plate logo coin_Custom Company Promotional Items made from Precious Metals

Fancy Logo Coins Made of Precious Metals

When our clients want to attract the attention of influential investors or celebrate noteworthy business partners, they want more than a simple logo coin to introduce their company. They want to fill it with the inherent value and incomparable brilliance of precious metals.  

In such cases, as a custom coin maker, we offer branding coins made of solid 24K gold or .999 silver or another base plated with these same precious metals. We can also plate custom promotional coins with high-quality platinum and palladium upon your request. Our premium polished plate finish will accentuate the classy look of gold and silver, thanks to your design being precisely outlined through matte and polished elements. However, at your choice, we are happy to apply any other finish that you find appropriate for your coin run. 

Affordable Branding Coins for Your Company

If your brand has not yet earned its place on Fortune’s top 100 companies list, our team can offer you promo tokens die-struck from affordable alloys that are excellent for minting. At your choice, we can mint the custom logo coins for you from bronze, brass, copper, zinc, and black nickel. Being produced from cost-effective metals does not prevent these pieces from looking stylish and efficiently delivering information about your company. Especially with such additional design elements as enamel colours, the fitting finishing (polished plate with a mirror-like effect, antique, or sandblasting), and custom coin edges.  

Experiment with the appearance of your coins for branding purposes using our multifunctional tool, called the Coin Configurator. Let your imagination roam free. Share your ideas for the branded coin run with our professional coin designers. We will do the rest! 

Whatever type of custom promotional coin you choose to design, we always guarantee: 

  • Full customisation; 
  • Free artwork; 
  • Tokens of any shape, size, and colour; 
Silver polished plate branding coins employee recognition anniversary

Consider Nice Packaging for Your Custom Promotional Coins

If you want to take your promotional coins embossed with your logo to the next level, put them in beautiful packaging. In this form, they will attract your customers’ attention even faster. Such handouts will not only go around like hotcakes but will also cause a positive response. People will pay attention to your brand, share their impressions with friends and family, and definitely become interested in your company and intrigued by your creativity.

We offer a vast selection of packaging solutions for customised branding coins. Whatever type of coin packaging you can think of, we definitely have it. Furthermore, for orders of 50 or more units, we will gladly add your logo to the packaging of your choice, resulting in a legitimate professional-grade handout.

Custom Silver Coin in Polished Plate Finish. Custom-made European Space Agency Coin with Logo.

Order High-End Branding Coins from CoinsForAnything

Coins for branding are your winning ticket to reach out to your customer pool. They are eye-catching (especially when OUR coin designers work on them); small enough for a person to want to take them; skilfully demonstrate your logo and company name. These can even become an interesting keyring decoration if you have us complement the tokens with a cut-out. 

Don’t hesitate, we can start working on your branding coins today!  

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Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.