Custom-minted Award Coins handed over in a Ceremony

Coins for Awards Ceremony
Design of the award coins

Award Coins – and the German Ocean Award goes to…

Prince Ablert II. von Monaco. This past summer, we received a request from the GEOMAR-Helmholtz Center for Oceanic Research in Kiel. The GEOMAR is one of the most important research institutes in the area of ocean research. The institute awards and an annual prize for those who have provided merit in the exploration of the sea and species protection. In an official ceremony this past September, the Head of State of Monaco and president of the Mediterranean Science Commission, Prince Albert II., was awarded the German Ocean Award.
The prize is awarded jointly through the GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel and the Deutsche Bank with the support of the Federal President of Schleswig-Holstein. The prize consists of a check for 10,000€ and an award coin in packaging. Our CoinsforAnything team is extremely proud to have taken part in the creation of this project.

The Medal in More Detail

In order to mint a medal that fits this event, we worked extremely close with the GEOMAR and created an award coin out of bronze that was plated with 24 carat gold. The medal has a sheik and elegant design with the German text on the front of the coin and the English text minted on the backside. In order to bring the coin to collector quality, we provided the highest quality finish to the award coin, a polished plate.

Custom-minted award coins 2016
custom-minted coins

Presentation in the Object Frame V20

In order to give this awards ceremony that perfect special touch (and to make sure that the medal doesn’t disappear in a drawer, the client decided to present the coin in a special form.
The award coin was presented in a V20, a selection from our object frame family, and displays the coin beautifully from both sides and the coin size, 70mm x 4mm, is also perfectly displayed in this frame. Overall, the medal and the frame created a beautiful prize that was awarded to Prince Albert II.

Would you also like to have your own custom award coins?

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