Get Affordable Custom Coins at CoinsForAnything

Get Affordable Custom Coins at CoinsForAnything

Have you been thinking of buying unique personalised coins for a reasonable price? Order affordable custom coins made by real masters of their craft! 

What Are Affordable Custom Coins?

Do custom coins always have to be made from Gold or Silver? Of course, they don’t. Indeed, noble precious metals are the “gold standard” (excuse for the tautology) for commemorative coin production. However, quite often professional coin manufacturers mint personalised pieces from less costly metals. We typically stamp affordable custom coins from Bronze, Copper, Brass, Nickel, Black Nickel, and Zinc

CoinsForAnything will be happy to provide you with amazing minting quality metal coins for your company, you, or your loved ones that will delight you with their beauty and elegance. Whatever your ultimate goal is: to promote your brand, make a creative, personalised present, or recognize someone’s outstanding performance with a prize, our custom coins made from common metals will be the best choice. 

Your Own Custom Coins Made from Common Metals 

If the world of customised common metal coins is new to you, we will be happy to open it up for you. Let’s start with the basics. The defining parameters of affordable custom coins are their core metal, size, thickness, shape, and, of course, the design applied in one way or another. Usually, we emboss or die-strike for this purpose. You can fully customise all parameters with CoinsForAnything. Our team strives to make each new coin project unique. 

As a certified coin manufacturer, we aim to produce the best, most affordable custom coins for our customers, making your personal coin ideas a reality. That’s why we offer a wide range of common metals for minting customised metal coins, a variety of sizes (from 10 mm to 250 mm), and shapes. The coinage experts at CoinsForAnything are also happy to add an unlimited number of enamel colours to the pieces, make the custom coin edges, or engrave the text on them if you wish.

Custom Challenge Coins minted in Bronze Antique for the 1st Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland
Custom Compass Coins. Antique Bronze Coins in Antique Finish. Affordable Custom Coins

Affordable Custom Coins: What Are They Made From? 

Let’s take a look at the metals that professional minters use to produce high-quality, cost-effective coins.

Your Stunning Individualised Bronze Coins  

Bronze is our all-time favourite to achieve irreproachable embossing quality for your exquisite designs. This metal alloy is predominantly composed of copper and has a nice golden hue. Custom bronze coins have long been prevalent because of their resemblance to gold. Due to the enviable density of bronze, its resistance to abrasion and various mechanical stresses, increased corrosion tolerance, and ductility, bronze is often used as the core for custom coins made from common metals. They can be plated with other alloys if silver colours are preferred.

Exceptional Affordable Custom Coins Made of Zinc

This natural common metal has an alluring blue-white, lustrous colour. It also can boast durability and strength. The metal is hard and brittle but becomes ductile at temperatures between 100 and 150 °C. Coin makers most often use it to die-cast affordable custom coins with unsurpassed three-dimensional designs. This is especially useful if your coin design contains complex multi-component patterns. However, as die-casting involves a more complex coin production process than traditional stamping, these custom coins made from common metals can take a little longer to produce.

Custom-minted Coins made in Antique Silver_Irregular Shape
Bacardi Coins_Custom Copper Coins with Antique Finish_Bespoke Affordable Coins

Incredible Customised Copper Coins with Unique Designs

Their deep reddish colour makes custom copper coins extraordinary. They look unconventional and immediately catch the eye of those who are lucky enough to have the pleasure of seeing them. We will be happy to mint beautiful custom copper coins for you. If you wish, we can make them look antique, or offer you perfectly polished affordable custom coins made of copper. If your purpose is brand promotion, we assure you that your company logo will look just perfect against the bright red copper background. Also, personalised copper coins are a great fit for various kinds of festivals and medieval markets.

Let Us Mint Your Own Beautiful Yet Affordable Coins! 

Custom coins made from common metals can become your own real work of art if you let us make them for you. As the UK’s favourite coin manufacturer, we know well how to take affordable common metals and turn them into the best coins you’ve ever seen in your life. Choose the metal to make the custom coins, size, shape and enamel colours to your liking. With CoinsForAnything, anything is possible, contact us today to learn more!

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.