Just outstanding Quality

CoinsForAnything Ltd. was founded in the year 2003 in London. It is owned and operated by emergency and military veterans.
In our own certified production facility we can offer a superior coin quality. Coins can be made of any size and quality. They are made from precious pure gold and silver or non-precious metals.
With offices around the world we can be even closer to the needs of our customers.

Our Customers

With over 20,000 satisfied customers,
THE CFA GROUP never stands still.


They say: Don`t compare apples to bananas. But what makes CoinsForAnything different to many suppliers out there? And we are proud to say that we offer an outstanding quality.

We produce in our own production facilities in Europe and Asia. With certified production processes, the newest machines and our own trained personnel with many years of experience.

They order the coins „somewhere in China“ without any chance to check the quality over time. Sometimes your 2nd order will be placed with another supplier.

We source our own material. Pure Gold, Pure Silver, high Quality Brass, etc.

They offer non-precious coins only. Most competitors do not offer pure silver or pure gold.

We have our own design team in Europe with offices in the UK, the US, Germany, France and Italy. We offer phone support in all different languages.

Sales office in one country only and design team might be in Asia that does not understand the European customer. Language support in one country only.

We can produce coins in any size and shape. From 10mm to as large as 250mm. Because we use our own machines and cut our own molds.

Most offer only standard sized coins. You cannot choose many options, as the Asis supplier does not offer it.

You can order any quantity of coins. You can even buy a single coin. Often as a present in pure silver or gold.

As Chiese suppliers like big quantities only, the min. quantity start at 50 to 100 pcs only.

High quality Hard Enamel color and standard Soft Enamel color.

Only the more easy Soft Enamel finish.

Minting of coins in Collector`s finish, like famous Maple Leaf or Krugerrand.

No collector`s coin finish available.

We send Free sampels. We are proud of our quality and when you have our coins in your hand – you can see and feel it.

Try to get free samples from most suppliers and compare ☺

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Our coin network

Benefit from our worldwide network of locations. No matter where you are, we deliver high quality and unique coins. Always fast, competent and above all beautiful.

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