Custom-made coins directly from the producer.

CoinsForAnything Ltd. was founded in 2003. It is owned and operated by emergency and military veterans. It is our aim to deliver only the highest quality custom made coins with widest product variety to meet our customer needs and always deliver a product that suits the occasion and purpose.

We work with our own design team. Our designers do not work with standards, but understand the brand and values of the customer and add to each coin design to make them unique.

We produce the coins in our own production facilities using only best materials, highest production standards and latest technologies.

We are proud to say that CoinsForAnything Ltd. is trusted by many known brands and companies in the UK. Our products are used worldwide and our team will continue to strive every day to provide the best support for our customers.


James D. Schmitt

Senior Director

In top-tier organizations,
custom coins capture and
convey the heritage, values,
and ethos that bind its mem-
bers together. Please contact
me direct to discuss how we
can develop yours.